Rumi was a Persian Sufi master and artist who lived in Konya in Turkey in the 13th. century. In his forties he met a wandering dervish monk, Shams. A deep friendship between the two men arose dissolving the usual categories of teacher and student, lover and beloved, master and disciple. Shams was murdered in 1247 - some theories claim that it was by some of Rumi's students who where jealous of their friendship. In his grief over Shams' death Rumi immediately understood that Shams was with him - in him. He embodied the friendship and began singing the spontaneous poetry of such beauty that it is today loved and revered all over the world.
A Sufi is a name that formerly in the East and Middle East was given to a person who tried to encourage his own spiritual development and the spiritual development of his fellow human beings. Today there are Sufis throughout the world and in all communities. The Sufis remind us that the glories of the world dwell in our own inner being.